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Essential Lens: Analyzing Photographs Across the Curriculum

Energy: Capture, Storage, and Transformation #2598


Date: May 5, 2014
Location: San Luis Valley near Alamosa, Colorado
Photographer: Dennis Schroeder
Source: NREL 31439


Alamosa Solar Generating Project is the largest high concentrating solar photovoltaic power generation system in the world. Alamosa Solar consists of over 500 dual-axis, pedestal mounted tracker assemblies, each producing 60 kW. Each tracker assembly is 70 ft. wide by 50 ft. high and contains 7,560 Fresnel lenses that concentrate sunlight by a multiple of 500 onto multi-junction cells. The photovoltaic assemblies were provided by Amonix Alamosa Solar and is located on 225 acres in the San Luis Valley near Alamosa, Colorado.


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Essential Lens: Analyzing Photographs Across the Curriculum


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