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Essential Lens: Analyzing Photographs Across the Curriculum



Date: 2016
Location: Zaatari Camp, Jordan
Photographer: Jaz Cummins
Source: UNHCR/Jaz Cummins


MENA social media influencers mission November 2016. Syrian refugee residents have built 2,500 businesses and services in their desert home’s informal market — the Champs Elysee’— since the camp opened in 2012.

Background: Zaatari Camp was opened on 29 July, 2012, in response to thousands of Syrians crossing each day into Jordan. The camp is a temporary home to a little more than 79,000 people; 57% are under the age of 18. Initially constructed as a tented camp, the extreme weather conditions (searing heat in summer, temperature below freezing in winter), along with the intensification of the crisis in Syria, required a more suitable and longer-term shelter response, with 24,000 prefabricated shelters now in place. Creating and fostering employment for refugees is also crucial. Zaatari Camp is the home to a thriving informal market, with 30,000 refugee-operated shops and businesses.


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Essential Lens: Analyzing Photographs Across the Curriculum


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