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Invitation to World Literature

The Bacchae The Bacchae – Connections


In the Images of World Literature slideshow, you saw images related to The Bacchae. Here you can find resources and links on the text. (See the translations and editions page for links to these.)



Images can be found on the web sites of many large museums. For instance:



  • In 1970, film director Brian de Palma filmed Richard Schechner’s dramatic re-envisioning of the work, Dionysus in ’69, which he discusses in the video.
  • Excerpts from longer films or short films of The Bacchae are available on YouTube, although Brad Mays’ version is not currently available online. Production photos from Mays’ 1997 stage version, on which the film is based, are available at his web site.


Books and web resources on the play and its context, as well as criticism and analysis. (Note that most editions of the play include introductions.)

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