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Engineering Towers | Elementary School Educator Curriculum

The Language of Form

Experiment with 3D space by exploring the various attributes of aesthetic form.

A discussion of how to translate science and engineering into an art space. This is an extension of the discussion on symmetry and balance.

OBJECTIVE: Learners will interact with the idea of “Form.”


  1. Play with design concepts by adjusting forms in a brainstorm (formstorm).
  2. Select words, design shapes, or something else that you would like to add to your tower.
  3. Experiment by drawing different ways of expressing the form of the desired concept.
  4. Select the best design form and decide how to include it in your tower.


  • In thinking about the design of what you might like to build, what are some of the words or messages that appeal to you?
  • What ideas or emotions are you trying to express with this tower?