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Engineering Towers | Elementary School Educator Curriculum

Building With Materials

Explore towers and design your own.

Students will explore various material properties that will influence the design of their tower through proper material selection.

Draw a design of a tower. Include the types of materials and explain how you would arrange and connect them.

  • Why did you choose these materials for your tower?
  • Why did you arrange them this way?
  • Why did you connect them this way?

OBJECTIVE: Learners will be able to plan a tower and explore materials.


  1. Have students brainstorm a design of a tower.
  2. Students will draw a sketch image of their tower.
  3. Respond to questions to describe what they will use to make the tower.

How does the understanding of the materials we have to work with help us design better solutions?
Use drawings, words, and numbers to explain your thinking.