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Engineering Towers | Elementary School Educator Curriculum

Group Presentation

Reflect and articulate the engineering design process.

Present the tower design, and the design process and challenges that the team underwent during the tower project.

OBJECTIVE: Learners will share their engineering design process.


  1. Create a presentation to share your tower design and the process to make the final tower.
  2. Use your Engineering Log to help you in preparing your presentation.
  3. Questions and rubric are meant to help support you in preparing your design presentation.


  • How did you work together to create this work/tower?
  • What were some obstacles?
  • What did you learn about building with materials?
  • What did you learn about working as a team? When and how did you learn this?


Presentation Criteria

You and your team will create a group presentation to accompany your work that will talk about HOW you worked together to create your final work, what you learned throughout this process, and how you have changed as a result.

Content of Presentation

􀀀 The presentation addresses the following questions:
􀀀 What did your group learn about matter and materials?
􀀀 What did your group learn about building?
􀀀 What did your group hope to express with this work?
􀀀 What went well?
􀀀 What was challenging?
􀀀 What did you realize during this process?
􀀀 What did you learn about yourself in creating this work?
􀀀 What questions do you have now?
􀀀 What has this inspired you to do?


􀀀 Each member presents
􀀀 Good voice projection
􀀀 Word articulation
􀀀 Not reading off of cards or paper (but can be used as a reminder)
􀀀 Eye contact
􀀀 Each segment is connected in some way
􀀀 Able to answer questions from the audience