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Engineering Towers | Elementary School Educator Curriculum

Artist, Scientist, Engineer

Look at art through the eyes of a scientist and engineer.

After exploring the world of art, students combine art with STEM to create STEAM. Students will learn first hand how differing careers and fields work together to create a finished product – a tower.

OBJECTIVE: Learners will explore how STEAM is one.


  1. Look at the 3 main fields, Artist, Scientist and Engineer.
  2. Discuss what each field represents.
  3. Discuss how they are related through art. Why are science and engineering important to artists?


  • Why might it be important for a sculptor to think like a scientist at times?
  • Why might it be important for a scientist to think like an engineer at times?

Artist, Scientist, & Engineer Descriptions

Artist: Artists attempt to understand the world and themselves in it through a creative process. They create works in a variety of mediums (painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, installations and performance art). They use a creative process that allows them to explore and express ideas and feelings. Artists envision their works and use engineering and knowledge of materials to bring their vision to reality.

Scientist: Scientists attempt to understand the natural world through objective observation and systematic investigation. Their system of learning is called the scientific method, where they create hypothesis and test them with experiment they design. Scientists create models and theories based on their findings that they continue to test and improve

Engineer: Engineers use their understanding of the world to solve problems. They study the problems they want to solve, imagine solutions, and then create and test designs that they revise until they solve their problems. Engineers design new materials, design structure and machines, and they design systems to produce things more efficiently