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Engineering Towers | Elementary School Educator Curriculum

Team Roles

Improve group dynamics by assigning roles and responsibilities to learners.

Organization, communication, and task assignment are the proper paths to success. Here students collaborate to share responsibility to work collectively in meeting their design challenge.

OBJECTIVE: Learners take on responsibility by being assigned a role and responsibility.


  1. For this activity, assign roles to each member of the group.
  2. Reflect on your individual role, and why you will be good at it.
  3. Respond in your groups to the questions by completing a Claim, Evidence, Reasoning.
  4. Make sure to set a desired time for each question and stay true to your respected roles in the group.


  • Which tasks are you assigned to?
  • What will you be responsible for?
  • What are some questions you have about the tasks you are responsible for?