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Reading & Writing in the Disciplines

Reading and Writing in Mathematics

Education experts Jacob Foster, Heather Lynn Johnson, and Magdalene Lampert address the key elements of disciplinary literacy in mathematics education and discuss strategies for its integration into the classroom.

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The following education experts appear in this video:

Jacob Foster is the director of science and technology/engineering at the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. He oversees the state’s science and technology/engineering standards and curriculum framework, professional development opportunities, and support for districts. He is also a member of the writing team for the Next Generation Science Standards.

Heather Lynn Johnson is an assistant professor of mathematics education at the School of Education and Human Development at the University of Colorado in Denver. She teaches courses in teacher education for mathematics. Her research focuses on secondary students’ mathematical reasoning.

Magdalene Lampert is the coordinator of documentation, design, and development for teaching and learning at BPE (formerly the Boston Plan for Excellence), where she advises on the design and development of the Boston Teacher Residency’s clinical teacher education program. She has taught elementary and high school mathematics, teacher education, and mathematics education.

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Reading & Writing in the Disciplines


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