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Reading & Writing in the Disciplines

Learn research, practice, and tools for integrating discipline literacy into mathematics, science, English, and history/social studies content based lessons.

A multimedia course for mathematics, science, social studies, and English middle and high school teachers; 78 videos; online text.

This course provides teachers and literacy coaches with an overview of disciplinary literacy, essential concepts related to proficient reading and writing, and general instructional practices that support literacy development indicated by the Common Core and NGSS. The course encompasses four discipline strands: Mathematics, Science, English and History/Social Studies. Teachers will see videos with classroom examples specific to each discipline, research on what literacy means in the four disciplines, and case studies of professionals using literacy in their daily work. An extensive website houses the course text and interactive features.


Reading and Writing in the Disciplines is a production of WGBH Educational Foundation for Annenberg Learner.


Vice President Children’s Media & Educational Programming
Brigid Sullivan

Director of Education
Denise Blumenthal

Executive Producer
Amy Tonkonogy

Managing Editor
Anna Brooks

Business Manager
Maria Constantinides

Project Manager
Marisa Nopakun


Director of Product Management
Jim Bodor

Product Manager
Jon Goldberg

Digital Production Coordinator
Ayelet Ronen

Content Producers
Lauren Feinberg
Emily Lu

Alison Morando
Stefan Mallette
Karen Doyle
Anna Fort
Lisa Rosenthal

Alex Jones
Nathan Long

Senior Researcher
Julie Ecker

Cynthia Bond

Special Projects Assistant
Glenn Johnson


Senior Producer
Paul Stern

Lead Producer
Meredith Honig

Tobias McElheny
Heather Riley
Arthur Smith

Associate Producers
Lacy Clark
Jennifer Curley

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Daniel McGrath

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Sasha Goldberg
Gregory Palmer
Sean Sandefur


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Amy Stahl

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Kim McGrath
Sue Tufts

Contracts Manager
Koinonia Givens

Legal and Business Affairs
Karen Baseman
Robyn Bissette

Executive Assistant
Eric Taub


Senior Program Officer
Michele McLeod


Dale Allender, Ph.D., Core Advisor
Assistant Professor, California State University, Sacramento

Diane Lapp, Ed.D., Core Advisor
Distinguished Professor of Education, San Diego State University

Mary Matthews, Ed.D., Core Advisor
Literacy Consultant

Linda Ruiz Davenport, Ph.D.
Director, K-12 Mathematics, Boston Public Schools

Dennis Liu, Ph.D.
Director Educational Resources, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Chauncey B. Monte-Sano, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, University of Michigan

Robert Rueda, Ph.D.
Stephen H. Crocker Professor of Education, University of Southern California

Allison Skerrett, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, The University of Texas at Austin

Hiller Spires, Ph.D.
Professor, North Carolina State University

Susan Watts Taffe, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati


Dale Allender, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, California State University, Sacramento

Jared Aumen
University of Michigan

Linda Ruiz Davenport, Ph.D.
Director of K-12 Mathematics, Boston Public Schools

Dennis Liu, Ph.D.
Director Educational Resources, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Mary Mathews, Ph.D.
Literacy Consultant

Chauncey B. Monte-Sano, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, University of Michigan

Jana Sunkle
Director of Math Instruction and Adult Development, BPE

Additional Writing
Molaundo Jones
The Clever Agency

Course Guide

A downloadable Course Guide [PDF] provides tips for a workshop facilitator to use the course materials in a professional development session with teachers. The guide offers suggestions for working with different types of teacher groups (e.g., groups made up of teachers from the same and/or different disciplines) as well as ideas for ways to view the large selection of videos available individually and integrated throughout the course. Although designed for a facilitator leading a group, the guide can also be used by individual teachers who wish to extend their learning by discussing and/or working through aspects of the course content with colleagues.

Series Directory

Reading & Writing in the Disciplines


Produced by WGBH Educational Foundation. 2015.
  • ISBN: 1-57680-906-4

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