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Project Playbook: Educator Edition

Additional Project Resources

Perform scientific experimentation and observation to understand structures of cells and their relation to living things.


Provided are additional project resources to further supplement project-based learning. It is our hopes that educators and students alike will use this book as a jumping off point and be inspired to explore other resources beyond these pages.

This playbook is just one resource among a plethora of others that continue to be more and more accessible during the powerful information age in which we currently live.

Check out the websites and books listed to help create a more robust learning experience, and help facilitate STEAM inquiry. It is by sharing resources that we hope to foster a creative community, develop a maker-mindset, and facilitate connections between other reservoirs of critical thought.

Thank You!



  • “The Art of Tinkering”
    Karen WIlkinson & Mike Petrich
    150+makers share the stories behind their bold, beautiful work
  • “20 Makey Makey Projects for the Evil Genius”
    Colleen Graves and Aaron Graves
    Easy to follow guide features 20 fun, innovative projects that clearly teach you how to dream up and build your own cool inventions.
  • “Meaningful Making”
    Paulo Blikstein, Sylvia Libow Martinez, Heather Allen Pang
    Fablab Fellows share inspirational ideas from their learning spaces, assessment strategies and recommended progrect across a broad range of age levels.
  • “The Big Book of Makerspace Projects”
    Colleen Graves and Aaron Graves
    Features dozens of DIY, low-cost projects that arm you with the skills necessary to dream up and build your own creations.