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Essential Lens
This course introduces teachers to the richness of photographs as curricular tools, and includes five videos that explore the ways photographic images impact our lives and what we know about the world and its history.


Nowadays, an increasing number of people are choosing to lease their cars rather than buy them. Leasing offers some tempting benefits, such as a lower monthly payment and a smaller (or nonexistent) down payment. But leasing has its drawbacks. When your lease is over, you won't own anything. You could be fined for wear and tear on the car when you return it. And there is often a limit to the number of miles you can drive the car each year.

Which is best, then, leasing or buying? It depends on your individual circumstances and needs. Using math and some basic car buying and leasing concepts, you can make the decision that's right for you. This activity will walk you through the steps: understanding your own habits and preferences; figuring out your budget; and then comparing the costs of leasing versus buying a car.

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 "Math in Daily Life" is inspired by programs from For All Practical Purposes.


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