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Private: Teaching Reading: 3-5 Workshop

New Literacies of the Internet Before You Watch | New Literacies of the Internet

Session Preparation

To prepare for this workshop session, you will review the key terms, identify the strategies that you already use, and then read two articles on the role of technology in literacy instruction.



What Do You Do?

Most classrooms now have one or more computers to enhance student learning. Think about how you use the Internet to support your literacy instruction and improve student learning. Now jot down your answers to the following questions and, if you are taking this workshop for credit, save them for your Literacy Practices Portfolio:

  • How do you use the Internet in your curriculum and teaching?
  • What skills and strategies do you teach students for using the Internet effectively?
  • What practices are in place to ensure safe use of the Internet by your students?
  • How comfortable are you in navigating and evaluating Web sites?
  • How do you teach students to determine the credibility of the Web sites they visit?



Examine the Literature

Print out two copies of the Examine the Literature Response Chart (PDF). Then read each article listed below, recording your ideas on the charts during and after reading. When you have finished, save your charts to submit as an assignment.

Reading Comprehension on the Internet (PDF)
This article examines how Internet reading requires new comprehension strategies and new literacies.

Coiro, J. “Reading Comprehension on the Internet: Expanding Our Understanding of Reading Comprehension to Encompass New Literacies.” The Reading Teacher 56, no. 5 (February 2003): 458-464.

Integrating Literacy and Technology in the Curriculum: A Position Statement of the International Reading Association (PDF)
This position statement from the International Reading Association discusses the importance of broadening our understanding of reading to include new literacies of the Internet.

Newark, DE: The International Reading Association, 2001.

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Private: Teaching Reading: 3-5 Workshop


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