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Private: Teaching Reading: 3-5 Workshop

Teaching Diverse Learners Before You Watch | Teaching Diverse Learners

Session Preparation

To prepare for this workshop session, you will review the key terms, identify the strategies that you already use, and then read two articles on diverse learners.



What Do You Do?

Consider the diverse strengths and needs of students in your classroom related to culture, language, learning ability, interests, and approach to learning. Think about how you address the differences among your students and promote effective learning. Then jot down your answers to the following questions and, if you are taking this workshop for credit, save them for your Literacy Practices Portfolio:

  1. In what ways do you honor the diverse cultures, languages, and background experiences of your students?
  2. What instructional practices or strategies do you use to support your struggling readers and writers?
  3. How do you provide additional challenges for your strongest readers and writers within the grade-level curriculum?
  4. How do you differentiate instruction (for example, through grouping or learning tasks)?
  5. How do you use support personnel to enhance learning and help individual students?



Examine the Literature

Print out two copies of the Examine the Literature Response Chart (PDF). Then read each article listed below, recording your ideas on the charts during and after reading. When you have finished, save your charts to submit as an assignment.

Help for Struggling Upper-Grade Elementary Readers (PDF)
This article examines a strategy for developing questions based on the main idea of the text to improve struggling readers’ comprehension.

Lubliner, Shira. “Help for Struggling Upper-Grade Elementary Readers.” The Reading Teacher 5, no. 57 (February 2004): 430-438.

Questions Teachers Ask About Struggling Readers and Writers (PDF)
In this article, the authors address teachers’ questions about meeting the needs of their struggling readers and writers.

Ganske, Kathy, J. K. Monroe, and D. S. Strickland. “Questions Teachers Ask About Struggling Readers and Writers.” The Reading Teacher 2, no. 57 (October 2003): 118-128.

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Private: Teaching Reading: 3-5 Workshop


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