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Private: Teaching Reading: 3-5 Workshop

Fluency and Word Study Before You Watch | Fluency and Word Study

Session Preparation

To prepare for this workshop session, you will review the key terms, identify the strategies that you already use, and then read two articles on effective practices in fluency and word study.



What Do You Do?

Fluency (the ability to read accurately, with proper phrasing and intonation, and to understand what you’re reading) and word study (the ability to decode words and understanding their meaning) are key concepts in intermediate-grade reading programs. Consider how you teach and provide opportunities for practice in these areas. Complete the Fluency and Word Study Chart (PDF), outlining how your literacy program advances students’ reading fluency and word development. An example is provided. If you are taking this workshop for credit, save your chart for your Literacy Practices Portfolio.
Think about these questions before completing the chart:

  • What texts and materials do you have in your classroom that support students’ development of fluent reading?
  • How do you select vocabulary to teach in all areas of your curriculum?
  • How much time do you allocate to word study?
  • What word study routines do you teach and encourage your students to use?
  • How do you differentiate instruction and tasks based on your students’ needs?



Examine the Literature

Print out two copies of the Examine the Literature Response Chart (PDF). Then read each article listed below, recording your ideas on the charts during and after reading. When you have finished, save your charts to submit as an assignment.

Fluency: Still Waiting After All These Years (PDF)
This article explores what fluency is, the kinds of teaching practices that hinder fluency, and those that increase fluency.

Allington, R.C. “Fluency: Still Waiting After All These Years.” In What Research Has to Say About It. Edited by Samuels, S.J. and A.E. Farstrup. Newark, DE: International Reading Association, to be published in 2006.

Direct and Rich Vocabulary Instruction (PDF)
This article examines how to choose and effectively teach vocabulary words.

McKeown, M. G., and I. L. Beck. “Direct and Rich Vocabulary Instruction.” In Vocabulary Instruction, edited by J. F. Baumann and E. J. Kame’enui, 13-27. New York: Guilford Press, 2004.

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Private: Teaching Reading: 3-5 Workshop


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