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Essential Science for Teachers: Life Science

TerrAqua Column | Track Our Progress: What Is It? | Aquatic System

Scroll through the pictures below to see enlargements of the aquatic habitat of our TerrAqua system. See the What Is It? activity instructions for questions to consider, and use the What Is It? Data Sheet (PDF) to classify each component. If you need help, the TerrAqua Column Organisms Information Sheet (PDF) may be useful.

Note: Because our goals were to use the TerrAqua Column as a learning tool for your Essential Science for Teachers course, we combined local collections with purchased specimens to make our system particularly diverse; your components, of course, may differ.

(Circles at the end of the lines indicate the component is microscopic)


1 - Duckweed

Green Algae

2 - Green Algae

Water Flea (magnified 100x)

3 - Water Flea (magnified 100x)

Hydra (magnified 100x)

4 - Hydra (magnified 100x)


5 - Flatworms (magnified 100x)


6 - Snails


7 - Elodea


8 - Fish


9 - Sagittaria