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Discovering Psychology: Updated Edition

Investigation: The Question

In the initial phase of research, often referred to as the discovery phase, your observations, beliefs, and general knowledge lead you to come up with a new question around an unexplored area of interest.

At the core of your approach is the concept of [tooltip]determinism[/tooltip], the idea that all events are determined by knowable and therefore testable factors. Next, you may develop a theory around your question. Your [tooltip]theory[/tooltip] accounts for both known facts about your question and your new idea and explanation. This new explanation is your [tooltip]hypothesis[/tooltip].

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When you complete the quiz below, explore Procedures next.

Question 1: Your ___ is your tentative and testable explanation of how two or more events or things are related.

Question 2: ___ is the doctrine that all events are determined by specific and potentially knowable factors.