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Private: Learning Math: Measurement

Classroom Case Studies, K-2 Homework

Session 10: K-2, Homework

Solutions are not provided for these homework problems, since answers will vary depending on individual experiences.


Problem H1

Assume that you need to report back to your grade-level team or to the entire school staff at a faculty meeting about your experiences and learning in this course. What are the main messages about the teaching of measurement you would share with your colleagues? Prepare a one-page handout or an overhead or slide that could be distributed or shown at the meeting.


Problem H2

Look at a lesson or activity in your own mathematics program for your grade level that you think has potential for developing students’ reasoning about measurement. If you were to use this lesson or activity now, after taking this course, how might you modify or extend it to bring out more of the important concepts about measurement?

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Private: Learning Math: Measurement