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Ordering Information
  1. Previewing Videos
  2. Shipping
  3. Rights
  4. Single Programs
  5. Desk or Examination Copies of Books
  6. How to Make a Purchase
  7. Returns
  8. International Orders
  9. Ordering From Unauthorized Distributors

  1. What is your preview policy for videos?

  2. Programs can be previewed online. Select a program from this list, and then click on the VoD icon to preview the program.

  3. What is the cost for shipping?
  4. Shipping and handling is $9.00 for the first item (DVD set, part, or print) and $3.00 per additional item. Additional charges may apply for large, expedited, or otherwise special orders. Please allow 7-10 business days for orders to arrive.

  5. Do your videos include public performance and closed-circuit rights?
  6. Yes, all videos come with public performance and closed-circuit broadcast rights.

  7. Can a single video program from a series, workshop, or library be purchased online?
  8. Only complete series are available as DVD purchases until May 31, 2018. However, individual programs can be viewed for the vast majority of series online at no charge.

  9. Can you send me a desk copy, examination copy, or teacher's edition of a book coordinating book for your videos?
  10. Annenberg Learner does not offer desk copies, examination copies, or teacher's editions of textbooks and workbooks created by 3rd party publishers, such as McGraw-Hill for Destinos or Yale University Press for French in Action.

  11. How do I purchase DVDs and materials?
  12. Purchase orders are no longer accepted. Credit cards will be accepted online through May 31, 2018.

  13. How do I return a product?
  14. All sales made on April 2, 2018 or later are final. For returns on products purchased before April 2, they must be in good condition in the original packaging. Audio CDs for the Destinos and French In Action series may not be returned once opened. Each shipment includes a pre-printed return label in the shipment's packing list. If the label is lost, send to: 3558 South Jefferson Ave. St. Louis, MO 63118. Please note that customers are responsible for paying shipping charges on returned items.

  15. Do you take Canadian and other international orders?
  16. If an order must be shipped to an address outside of the United States, it is considered an international order. Annenberg Learner materials are not for export outside the US. For customers living outside of the United States (except Canada), please consult our list of international distributors.

    For Canada
    Customer Service
    Visual Education Centre Limited
    30 MacIntosh Blvd, Unit 7
    Vaughan, Ontario
    Canada L4K 4P1
    Tel: +1 416-252-5907 Ext. 257
    Toll free: 1-800-668-0749
    Fax: +1 416-251-3720
    email: sales@visualed.com

  17. What should I know about ordering from unauthorized distributors?
  18. Online sites like Ebay and Amazon occasionally have sellers offering unauthorized "new" copies or downloads of Annenberg Learner video programs. Most of Learner's programs are available for viewing online free of charge at www.learner.org through the Video on Demand feature. Annenberg Learner does not sell or charge a fee for individuals to access Video on Demand or live streaming, with the exception of use in a tuition-based class. Access to Learner's video streaming may not be sold by third parties.

    Please be aware that it is an infringement of Annenberg Learner's rights under the United States Copyright Act to buy or sell:
    • an unauthorized copy of Annenberg Learner's VHS, DVD, or audio programs
    • access or links to Annenberg Learner's Video on Demand and/or live streaming
    • access to downloaded digital copies of Annenberg Learner's programs
    • any other access to Annenberg Learner's website, programs, copyrighted material, or intellectual property without express written permission.

    Original products - not copies or duplicates - that were purchased directly from Annenberg Learner or one of authorized distributors may be resold.

    Annenberg Learner cannot guarantee the quality of or replace any items purchased through online auction/sale sites, nor is it responsible for any loss incurred through such purchases.

    To report any illegal sale or distribution of Annenberg Learner's programs, contact us at info@learner.org.

    Still have a question? Please email us at order@learner.org or call 1-800-LEARNER.





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