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Valuable Classroom Resources For Summer Learning From Statistics in Schools

Author: Annenberg Learner

For parents or caretakers looking for a way to keep students engaged and learning during the summer months, Statistics in Schools (SIS) offers a range of helpful online learning resources. 

The materials are free and customizable for activities and lessons in social studies, math, English, geography, sociology, and more.

SIS is working to bring school subjects to life using real-world Census Bureau data to create materials for K-12 students. The resources are designed by teachers and can easily be used at home or in remote settings. 

SIS offers toolkits for parents and caregivers based on relevant education standards and guidelines. Check out the many other resources SIS provides, including State Facts for Students, historic documents and images, games, and other activities that can help keep students learning and engaged all year. There are even video lessons about the Census and the value of Census data.

Victoria Glasier, Chief of Statistics in Schools, and Jessica Palmer, Management and Program Analyst with SIS were guests on the Annenberg Learner Podcast. They discussed their goal to show students and educators that statistics isn’t a scary subject and how they are working to make it more relatable. Listen to their conversation here.

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