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Lessons > Managing Resources > Step 2

Now that you see the difficulty involved in maintaining lower CO2 emissions while supplying an ever–increasing population (which has an ever–higher standard of living) with ample energy, predict the percentage of each fuel source needed to meet energy demands and lower total CO2 emissions by the year 2110. Record your prediction in the table and then run the simulator twice all the way through to year 2110.

During your first run concentrate on supplying energy cheaply and quickly, maximizing the use of fossil fuels. For the second run, pay more attention to long–term effects of fuel source use, including the use of more environmentally friendly fuel sources. (HINT: if you do not increase Coal use in the early decades of the simulation, you may be unable to meet demand later.) Record the increase, decrease, or lack of change in the data table and then answer the following:

  1. Was your prediction closer to the cheap and quick energy supply model or the eco–friendly model? Which model met both needs best? Is there a feasible way of bringing this model to fruition in the "real" world?
  2. Which source was most increased overall and what kinds of effects would increasing this source's use have on both the standard of living and different biomes?