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In this step we vaccinate a certain percentage of the population against Impfluenza. This represents a real-life scenario, where the country vaccinates a certain portion of its population against the expected influenza strains for that year.

Select Lesson Vaccination. Predict and record the sick days per capita and death toll % at medium population and medium mixing, with 50% of the population vaccinated. Run the simulator three times and record your data. Repeat with 90% vaccinated. Compare your results to the table in Lesson 2 Step 1.

Then change the parameters to high population and high mixing. Predict what will happen at 50% and 90% vaccination, and run the simulator three times with each, recording your data for each run. Answer the following:

  1. For the first set of parameters (medium/medium), how does the vaccine reduce sick days? How large a percentage of the population would have to be immunized in order to bring the sick days per capita reliably below 0.1 per capita?
  2. How does using vaccination compare to changing the mixing or population density?