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Lessons > Food Web > Step 2

Now try a more "real-life" scenario and experiment with what might happen in an ecosystem that is more like a web. This time click the "all on" button. The model shows who eats whom and the paths by which energy is transferred. Predict which populations will die out, increase in numbers, or decrease in numbers and record your predictions. Run the simulation twice and record the results in your Data Table. Then try to modify who eats whom in order to ensure the survival of all species and record what was changed in your chart. Finally, answer the following:

  1. Was your prediction correct? How did you arrive at your prediction? What differences were there between your prediction and the simulation?
  2. Were you able to modify the parameters so that each species survived? Explain how you decided what changes to make.
  3. Which way does energy flow and how does eating an organism result in energy transfer?