Growing a Program

Additional video clips

Peer mentoring in Juneau

At Glacier Valley Elementary in Juneau, Alaska, a more experienced second-grade student mentors a fifth-grade student who is learning to play the violin.
PDF video transcript: Peer mentoring in Juneau


“Walking, Walking” activity

Teaching artist Eun Lee from the Corona Youth Music Project in Queens, NY, leads young students through an adapted version of the “Walking, Walking” activity that challenges students with increasingly sophisticated levels of musical terminology.
PDF video transcript: “Walking, Walking” activity


Alvaro Rodas on fundraising

Alvaro Rodas, founder and director of the Corona Youth Music Project, describes his approach to fundraising, which is informed by his experiences with El Sistema programs in Venezuela and Guatemala.
PDF video transcript: Alvaro Rodas on fundraising


Erik Holmgren on the Sistema Fellows Program

Erik Holmgren, former director of the Sistema Fellows Program at the New England Conservatory of Music, describes the origin and goals of the fellowship program.
PDF video transcript: Erik Holmgren on the Sistema Fellows Program