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Workshop 8. Understanding Energy

Energy lights our homes, fuels our transportation systems, and much more, but affordable energy is in limited supply. In this session, look at the global impact of these limits and see how being smart about using energy will become more important in our daily lives.

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Program Questions


1. Why is it important to understand energy resources?

Among many other reasons, fossil fuels that are used in every aspect of our lives are being depleted at an ever-increasing rate, leaving us with tough choices about our consumption of energy.

2. Where does our energy come from and what are all the costs of using it?

Today, most of the energy for our activities comes from fossil fuels. Using this energy has both economic, environmental, and health costs.

3. How can we reduce our consumption of energy?

We can save energy by investing in energy saving technology and modifying our behavior and habits.

4. And, what alternative sources of energy can help meet our energy needs?

Renewable sources of energy such as solar energy, wind, geothermal energy, and biomass will help address future energy needs.


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1. Energy Sources


2. How Is Energy Used?


3. Energy-Saving Appliances

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4. Renewable Energy Sources


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