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Workshop 3. Transfer and Conversion of Energy

Change happens when energy is transferred or converted. In this session, examine conversion between potential and kinetic energy. Through examples, see how events that involve a small amount of energy can trigger much larger events.

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Program Questions


1. What are some of the forms that energy can take?

Energy can take many forms: Kinetic, Electromagnetic Radiation, Heat, Electrical Energy, Sound, Potential Energy

2. What happens when energy is converted from one form to another?

When we convert energy to a different form, the total amount of energy before and after is the same.

3. How can an object or system gain or lose energy?

Objects gain or lose energy by transferring energy to or from other objects or systems.

4. How can energy be stored and then released at a later time?

Energy can be stored by converting it into some form of potential energy, and released by a small amount of additional energy.


WWWFurther Explanations


1. The Cat-Traption


2. Conversion of Energy Units


3. Conservation of Energy

Toy Car

4. The Trigger Effect


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