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Activities and Discussion

Activity: Planning for Arts Integration

Step 1. Reflect on the workshop series. (5 minutes)

Ask each person to complete the following statement about arts integration:

I used to think _______________________________.

Now I think _______________________________ .

Step 2. Make plans to begin or expand arts-integrated instruction.
(45 minutes)

Write or post the following categories on the board. Have each person write their responses on sticky notes (being sure to sign each note), and then place them under the appropriate heading.

I am interested in teaching these concepts through integrated instruction:

I have the following arts knowledge and expertise:
I need to know more about or need assistance with:

I am interested in the following collaborations:
I am available for planning at these times:

I have or know about the following resources to aid arts integration:
What I need is:

Discuss the results, focusing on common interests and needs and how people can assist each other.

Individually, decide on and write down the next step each person will take toward arts integration.


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