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Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum

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Web Resources

Backward Design for Forward Action
Reviews the key concepts and essential questions that underlie content standards

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
The National Board’s influential teaching standards, including early adolescent generalist standards

Print Resources

Wiggins, Grant, & McTighe, Jay. Understanding by Design. Upper Saddle River , N.J. : Prentice Hall, 2000. ISBN: 013093058X

What enduring knowledge is worth understanding? How will we know that students truly understand and can apply knowledge in a meaningful way? This book explores these and other important questions and provides practical solutions for the teacher-designer.

Wiggins, Grant, & McTighe, Jay. The Understanding by Design Handbook . Alexandria , Va. : Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development. 1999, ISBN: 0871203405

The handbook offers the practical side: a unit planning template, worksheets, exercises, design tools, design standards and tests, and a peer review process for learning and applying the ideas in Understanding by Design.


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