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Activities and Discussion

Activity: Finding Connecting Concepts

Set Up (5 minutes)

Divide workshop participants into pairs, preferably with each member from a different discipline. Hand out copies of Possible Concepts For Integrated Instruction (PDF) to each pair.

Find and Discuss Two Connecting Concepts (20 minutes)

Have each pair identify two concepts from the Possible Concepts list that could be integrated and explored in the two content areas. They should then brainstorm instructional activities for each concept. Finally, have them decide which concept would be better to teach, based on the following criteria:

  • Student interest and engagement
  • Content addressed in each discipline
  • Significance / connections to students' lives

Group Discussion (15 minutes)

Have pairs report to the larger group which connecting concept they decided was best to organize teaching around, and why. As a group, discuss what makes some concepts worth teaching to, and what makes others less valuable.


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