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Activities and Discussion

Activity: Communicating Using Different Art Forms

Set Up (5 minutes)

Form pairs or small groups. Randomly distribute cards to each group, so that each group has one of the four Mode of Communication Cards (PDF) (dance, music, visual arts, theatre) and one of the 24 Topic Cards (PDF) (e.g., conflict, competition, or freedom).

Develop a Group Product (10 - 15 minutes)

Give the groups 10 minutes, more or less, to develop a dramatic, visual, musical, or choreographic product that communicates their idea. Groups should use only the art form they were given, and no extra words of explanation.

Note: A visual art group will need the following basic set of materials:

large paper or poster boards pencils
construction paper markers
scissors crayons

Perform and Discuss the Productions (5 - 10 minutes / group)

Have each group take a turn performing its production.

Afterwards Discuss:

  • How did the different tasks either challenge or support the learning styles in each group?
  • How might these activities either challenge or support your student’s learning styles?
  • What teaching strategies could be used in social studies, language arts, math or science to reach additional learning styles?


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