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Using the Videos and Web Site

Connecting With the Arts: A Workshop for Middle Grades Teachers can be used for individual or group professional development. Together, the video, web activities, and print materials form a vigorous professional development opportunity for teachers. The videos provide examples of arts integration in practice and present provocative discussions by master teachers; the print guide offers questions to guide group discussion; and the online activities help you reflect on your practice.

You can order the videos from this site or by calling 1-800-LEARNER. Print materials can be downloaded from this site. If you have access to a high-speed connection, you can also view the series via Video on Demand.

Watch each one-hour video in its entirety before you begin, or watch it in segments as you take the workshop. The sessions are designed to stand alone or to be completed in sequence. Take one, several, or all eight, depending on your professional development needs and goals.

Graduate credit is available at a reasonable cost. Use Teacher-Talk, the workshop's email discussion list, to continue exploration of ideas outside the workshop session.

The guide for each workshop session consists of the following sections:

Title Page and Learning Goals
An overview of the session outlines what you will do and what you can expect to learn by the end of the session.

Getting Ready
A warm-up activity or question for discussion.

Watching the Program
Questions to discuss as you watch the program. Note – pausing the video is recommended!

Activities and Materials
Activities and discussions to engage in after watching the programs. Readings, forms, and charts are listed here as well.

Additional Resources
Web and print references of interest are listed here, with a short description for each.


Technical Notes

To use the Connecting With the Arts Web site, we recommend the following:

Web Browser

Netscape 4.7 (or a higher version) or Internet Explorer 5.0 (or a higher version). Javascript should be enabled, if your browser allows you to disable it. Text fonts and colors may not be displayed correctly in older browsers.


To print the forms and readings provided, or to print a hard-copy version of the guide, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in. To use the interactive activities in the workshop sessions, you will need the Macromedia Flash Player 7 (or a higher version). These plug-ins are available as free downloads:

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