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Workshop Program Summaries

1  What Is Arts Integration?
This program presents three instructional models: independent instruction, team teaching, and collaborations with community resources. You’ll explore informal, complementary, and interdependent curricular connections and see examples of what arts integrated instruction looks like in the classroom.

2  Why Integrate the Arts?
This program looks at how integrating the arts with other subjects increases student engagement, addresses diverse learning styles by exploring content in many ways, establishes the relevance of learning for the student, and provides the student alternative ways to communicate.

3  How Do We Collaborate?
This program illustrates a variety of teaching partnerships. You'll see how teachers integrating the arts can benefit from collaborating with fellow teachers, visiting artists, and community resources.

4  What Roles Do Students Take On?
This program examines the artistic process of creating, performing, and responding. You'll see students assuming various roles as they research, write, plan, design, direct, create, perform, and critique.

5  What Are Connecting Concepts?
This program presents strategies for planning lessons that integrate the arts with other subjects. You'll see how teachers organize instruction around themes and through concepts.

6  What's the Big Idea?
This program is about planning and teaching toward big ideas. You'll see how arts integrated instruction enables students to make deeply personal connections to what they are learning.

7  Identifying What Students are Learning
This program investigates ways to identify what students have learned in and through the arts. You'll see teachers using arts-based performance tasks to assess student understanding.

8  Reflecting on Our Practice
This program examines methods for assessing instructional practice. You'll see teachers reflecting alone and interacting with colleagues to evaluate and refine their planning and teaching.


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