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Instructional Designers

Southeast Center for Education in the Arts (SCEA)

Located at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, the Southeast Center for Education in the Arts conducts innovative research in comprehensive arts education and school reform. SCEA develops and implements professional development programs enabling educators from kindergarten through college level to establish the rigorous study of the arts as an integral component of basic education for all students. As one of six regional institutes established in 1988 by the Getty Center for Education in the Arts, SCEA pioneered research in discipline-based dance, music, theatre, and visual art education. The Tennessee Arts Commission awarded SCEA its 2003 Governor's Arts Leadership Award for nurturing creative inquiry into teaching and learning.

SCEA collaborated with Lavine Production Group on The Arts in Every Classroom, a teaching practices library and workshop for elementary school teachers, which began airing on the Annenberg Channel in 2003.

Kim Wheetley, Director

Kim Wheetley, who headed the instructional design team for Connecting With the Arts, holds The University of Tennessee Lyndhurst Chair of Excellence in Arts Education. Kim has taught theatre at the high school and college levels, and was the theatre specialist for the Texas Education Agency. He served on the writing committees for the National Standards for Arts Education and the INTASC Model Standards for Licensing Classroom Teachers and Specialists in the Arts.

Joel Baxley, Director of Visual Art
Scott Rosenow, Director of Theatre
Susanne Burgess, Director of Music


Production Team

Lavine Production Group
Project Management and Video Production

Lavine Production Group, based in New York City, specializes in documentary films and television programs about education and the arts. LPG has created several series for Annenberg Media, including The Arts in Every Classroom, an elementary level series, and The Missing Link, for middle grades math teachers. LPG has also produced programs for PBS, the Arts & Entertainment Network, and Reader's Digest.

Kaye Lavine, project director and executive producer
Miriam Lewin, series producer
Gary Bradley, supervising editor
Laura Young, editor
David Hogoboom, director of photography
Elizabeth Elson, segment producer, post production supervisor
Claudia Mogel, segment producer
Jacqueline Delibes, post production coordinator
Carl Anderson, logo and series animation design
Elliot Sokolov, theme music
James Krieger, post production sound
Reynelda Muse, workshop host


EDC Center for Children and Technology
Print Materials and Web Development

EDC's Center for Children and Technology investigates how technology can influence and enhance teaching and learning across a wide range of educational settings. CCT conducts basic, applied and formative research, working in collaboration with educational, corporate, government, and research institutions. CCT also designs and develops prototype software and instructional resources that support engaged, active learning.

Bill Tally, director of research and Web development
John Parris, designer
Julia Hermos, researcher and instructional materials developer
Chad Fasca, writer
Laura Henze, programmer
Terry Baker, arts advisor
Cornelia Brunner, design advisor


Annenberg Media

Karen Gallagher, senior project officer



Mary Belfi, national board certified visual art teacher at a public middle school in New York City for 33 years, instructor in art education at Hofstra University

Deborah Brzoska, design coach for the Small Schools Initiative of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, founding principal of the Vancouver (WA) School of Arts and Academics, group leader for the arts for the National Assessment of Educational Progress

Richard Deasy, director of the Arts Education Partnership in Washington, D.C.

Stephen Gonzales, Denver Public Schools manager of curriculum and instruction for music education and advanced placement, and middle and high school instrumental music specialist

Mac Arthur Goodwin, president of the National Art Education Association, board member of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, middle and high school visual art teacher, Special Consultant in arts education to the South Carolina Department of Education

Joseph Juliano, Jr., director of fine arts for the Hamden (CT) School District, past president of the American Alliance for Theatre and Education, chair of the Interdisciplinary Committee of the Consortium of National Arts Education Associations

Donald Killeen, national program manager of the National Arts Education Consortium at The Ohio State University, and national project director for the Transforming Education Through the Arts Challenge, a national education reform initiative

Marilyn Stewart, professor of art education at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania, general editor of Davis Publications’ Art Education in Practice series

Hank Troy , professional musician, former social studies teacher, co-founder of a public arts magnet school in Denver, and administrator of an arts-in-education program.



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