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Making Civics Real Workshop 4: Constitutional Convention  
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Workshop 4

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Teacher Perspectives: Advice to other teachers

Matt Johnson: You've got to put your time in before you introduce the unit. Think it through. But you also have to be ready to react and be flexible with what the class is doing. If they're not moving as fast as you'd hoped, you have to adjust. Expect the unexpected. You really don't know what will be the end result. There is no magic final constitution or end product; that's part of the dynamic of the class that you're involved with.

To be successful I think you have to be aware first of all the groupings, then you also really have to think about what you are asking the kids to do. Is it impossible? Is it something that the kids can achieve? Is it going to be taxing enough that they're going to really have to think about it and be serious with the task? I think those are things that you learn as you do them. I could have changed one worksheet if I had realized I'd made some mistakes--tightened it up or made it more demanding. You can do that. You have to be ready to be flexible.


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