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1. Which of the following four diagrams most accurately depicts the shape of Earth's orbit around the Sun? Circle one.

2. Which of the following responses most closely explains why it is hotter in New York in June than it is in December? Circle one.

A. The Sun gives off more heat energy in June.

B. Earth is closer to the Sun in June.

C. The Northern hemisphere is closer to the Sun in June.

D. The Sun is higher in the sky and provides more hours of daylight in June.

3. Put the following objects in the correct order, starting with the object that is closest to Earth and ending with the object that is farthest away. Circle one.

A. Moon, Sun, clouds, Pluto, stars

B. Clouds, stars, Moon, Sun, Pluto

C. Clouds, Moon, Sun, Pluto, stars

D. Clouds, Moon, Sun, stars, Pluto

4. Sometimes the Moon looks like this

And sometimes the Moon looks like this

What causes the Moon to change its appearance this way? Circle one.

A. As the Moon orbits Earth, Earth's shadow covers the Moon.

B. Clouds block part of the Moon from our view.

C. As the Moon orbits around Earth, we see different views of the Moon's sunlit side.

5. Which of the following drawings most closely depicts the distance between Earth and the Moon? Circle one.

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