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The Arts In Every Classroom: A Workshop for Elementary School Teachers

Three Schools, Three Approaches Getting Ready

Fourth-graders made their own ceramic houses as part of a unit on colonial architecture that combined art, technology, and history at Drew Model School in Arlington, Virginia.

(10 minutes)

The following information will help you focus and organize your professional development session.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine how different schools expand the role of the arts, based on their culture, priorities, and personnel.
  • Discover different ways that teachers collaborate to use the arts in their classrooms.

Guiding Questions
These are questions for your group to consider as you work through the session:

  • How can meaningful arts education change teaching practice?
  • What are various ways educators can collaborate to increase the presence of the arts in their classrooms?

Materials and Resources

Opening Steps
Ask participants to review their understanding of the arts by discussing these questions:

  • What are the arts?
  • What do different art forms have in common with one another?
  • What is arts education?
  • How are the arts different from and similar to non-arts subjects?