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The Arts In Every Classroom: A Video Library K-5

Developing an Arts-Based Unit Activities and Discussion

Students in the first and second grades create their own drama as a year-end project at Lusher Alternative Elementary School in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Suggested Activities and Discussion

Consider these questions for reflection:

  • Do you believe that it is valuable to teach the arts for art’s sake? How would you convince a parent, teacher, or principal of the value of teaching the arts?
  • Consider asking your students to create a “program” for a performance or film or television show they’ve seen. What are all those jobs? Who does them in school performances? Can they be careers?
  • One of the teachers in this program shares her reason for being a teacher — to help the children who need it most. Why did you become a teacher?

Improving Practice
Here are some additional ways you can build on the ideas in this program:

Professional Development for Teachers

  • Identify the skills that would help teachers work together on a multigrade or multi-arts team. Plan a workshop or course around these skills.
  • Partner with a community arts institution to develop a workshop or seminar to help teachers use the Internet or other tools to research artists and works of art in various art forms.
  • Organize a skills-sharing session for members of your planning team.