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Teaching Reading: K-2 Workshop

Before You Watch | Using Assessment To Guide Instruction

Video Summary

The video for this session examines assessment practices that measure student performance and progress, and inform instructional decisions. In her lecture, Dr. Jeanne R. Paratore reviews the principles of classroom-based assessment and engages the workshop participants in a discussion of their own assessment practices. The participants then watch and discuss a set of classroom excerpts illustrating Dr. Paratore’s lecture. In the final activity, workshop participants assess a first-grader’s reading and writing samples.

Session Preparation

Materials Needed for This Session

Student’s performance sample or assessment record

Throughout this session, questions are posed to guide you through the topic. If you are working in a group, discuss your responses; if you are working alone, reflect on them in your journal.

To prepare for the workshop session, you will tap your prior knowledge, read two articles on assessment, and review important terms.

What do you already know?
Print and complete the Assessment Semantic Map (PDF).

Assignment:  Save your Assessment Semantic Map to update and revise throughout the session.

Read these articles:
Literacy Assessment Part: 1 | 2 | 3 (PDF)
Winograd, P., and H. J. Arrington. “Best Practices in Literacy Assessment.” In Gambrell, L. B., et al., eds. Best Practices in Literacy Instruction. 2d. ed., 218-241. New York, N.Y.: The Guilford Press, 1999.

Assessing Reading Part: 1 | 2 | 3 (PDF)
Harp, B., and J. Brewer. “Assessing Reading and Writing in the Early Years.” In Strickland, D. S., and L. M. Morrow, eds. Beginning Reading and Writing, 154-167. New York, N.Y.: Teachers College Press, 2000.

Review these important terms:

Anecdotal record
Miscue analysis
Portfolio assessment
Running Record

Revise your chart:

Return to your Assessment Semantic Map. Add any new thoughts, ideas, or questions based on your readings and review of important terms.

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Teaching Reading: K-2 Workshop


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