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Teaching Reading: K-2 Workshop

Before You Watch | Differentiating Instruction

Video Summary

In the video for this session, Dr. Jeanne R. Paratore presents research-based principles that support the use of a flexible grouping model for literacy instruction. She reviews basic formats for flexible grouping, and applies the research to effective teaching practices and routines that advance all students’ reading development. The workshop participants watch classroom excerpts illustrating instruction in different grouping formats. They then relate the classroom practices to their own teaching.

Session Preparation


Materials Needed for This Session

Grade-level text.

Throughout this session, questions are posed to guide you through the topic. If you are working in a group, discuss your responses; if you are working alone, reflect on them in your journal.

To prepare for the workshop session, you will tap your prior knowledge, read two articles on differentiating instruction, and review important terms.

What do you already know?

Print and complete the Differentiating Instruction Chart (PDF).

Assignment:   Save your Differentiating Instruction Chart to update and revise throughout the session.

Read these articles:

Grouping for Literacy Instruction Part: 1 | 2 (PDF)
Paratore, J. “Grouping for Instruction in Literacy: What We’ve Learned About What’s Working and What’s Not.” The California Reader 33, no. 4, (2000): 2-10.

Flexible Groups Part: 1 | 2 (PDF)
Radencich, M. C., L. J. McKay, and J. R. Paratore. “Keeping Flexible Groups Flexible: Grouping Options.” In Radencich, M. C., and L. J. McKay, eds. Flexible Grouping for Literacy in the Elementary Grades, 25-41. Boston, Mass.: Allyn and Bacon, 1995.

Review these important terms:

Flexible grouping
Guided reading
Independent reading
Peer dyads
Responsive instruction
Shared reading
Zone of Proximal Development

Revise your chart:

Return to your Differentiating Instruction Chart. Add any new thoughts, ideas, or questions based on your readings and review of important terms.

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Teaching Reading: K-2 Workshop


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