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Changes on the Chang Jiang - Shanghai and Sijia

This video program features two case studies about the Chang Jiang River valley: Shanghai: Head of the Dragon and Sijia: Small Town, Big Change.

The first case study, Shanghai: Head of the Dragon, examines China's most populous city. Shanghai is experiencing unprecedented growth since the central government gave its approval and support to an open city policy. The opening of China's coastal regions to foreign trade has been the catalyst for Shanghai's economic expansion. Massive construction projects are underway in old Shanghai and throughout the Open Coastal Area, especially in the Pudong New Area.

Updates to this case study include discussion of Shanghai's new port project, new airport, and high-tech industry. It features new satellite map imagery and interviews with Dr. James Wang and Dr. Susan Walcott.

The second case study, Sijia: Small Town, Big Change, profiles Sijia, a small village that experienced rapid growth when a blue jeans garment factory located there. This rural township enterprise has given villagers year-round employment with steady wages and an increasing standard of living. This type of non-governmental, rural industry is in sharp contrast to Shanghai's approach to economic development, which is encouraged by both the central and provincial governments.

The update to this case study includes information on changing lifestyles in China and the development of township enterprises, including an interview with Dr. Zong-Guo Xia.

Video Key Words


  • Historical Geography
  • Market Reforms
  • Rapid Economic Growth
  • Urban Geography


  • Rural vs. Urban Development
  • Agriculture vs. Industry
  • Interior vs. Coastal Development
  • Township Enterprises


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