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6 Challenges in the Hinterlands


Challenges in the Hinterlands - Andalucia and Iceland

This video program features two case studies on Europe: Andalucia: Developments in the Hinterlands and Iceland: Edge of the Habitable World.

Andalucia: Developments in the Hinterlands explores the once-prosperous Andalucia region of Spain and the gradual marginalization of this area, which is now peripheral to Europe's industrialized core. The original case study examined how Expo '92 spurred hopes that another Silicon Valley would take root in the Expo's now vacant complex near Seville and revitalize this region gripped by economic recession. The update to this program reveals that the dreams of a second Silicon Valley never materialized, and provides further discussion of Andalucia's desire to become better connected to the European core.

Iceland: Edge of the Habitable World examines the many challenges this island state faces due to its remote location and harsh environment. The case study also focuses on Iceland's cultural evolution in the hinterlands of Europe and the fishing industry's crucial role in Iceland's economy. Updates include new information on Iceland's fishing industry and further insight from Icelandic geographer, Dr. Gudrun Olafsdottir.

Video Key Words


  • Relative Location of a European Hinterland
  • Historical Geography at the Crossroads of Civilizations
  • Economic Geography: from Agriculture to Industry
  • Transportation Infrastructure and the Disadvantage of Distance


  • Human-Environmental Interaction
  • Globalization
  • Rural to Urban Migration
  • Depleted Fish Stocks vs. Sustainable Harvests
  • Plate Tectonics Theory
  • Geothermal Energy


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