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Private: Learning Math: Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability


Investigate some basic concepts of probability and the relationship between statistics and probability. Learn about random events, games of chance, mathematical and experimental probability, tree diagrams, and the binomial probability model.

In This Session:
Part A: 
Probability in Statistics
Part B: Mathematical Probability
Part C: Analyzing Binomial Probabilities
Part D: Are You a Random Player?

In this session, you will explore some basic ideas about probability, a subject that has important applications to statistics.

Materials Needed:

 Two sheets of 36″ x 24″ poster board
 Two quarters
 A pair of dice (each die should be a different color)
 Colored pencils (optional)


The goal of this session is to understand some basic ideas of probability and some of the relationships between probability and statistics. You will investigate probability by exploring the following:
See Note 1 below.
 Random events
 Games of chance
 Finite, equally likely probability models
 Mathematical probabilities and the probability table
 Tree diagrams
 The binomial probability model


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Private: Learning Math: Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability


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