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Best Practices

High school, college, and continuing education instructors offered their tips on teaching with Destinos.

Watching a video is active teaching — you'll want to pause and discuss plot developments, important expressions, cultural elements. It is essential to replay and discuss.

For beginner-level classes, certain scenes should be re-watched, to be sure students understand what's going on.

As all episodes are available online, so episodes can be assigned as homework or for review.

Teenage students might giggle at the outfits and the hairstyles. Allow them to talk about this aspect of the series at the start as a means of diffusing their silliness.

Showing captions (which are in Spanish) changes Destinos from a watching and listening activity to a reading activity. Try leaving captions off, to challenge students.

Destinos allows you to introduce realia to students without having to bring physical materials into a classroom — this is especially valuable for distance-based learning.

Teaching Foreign Languages K-12 Workshop is a free learner.org course that examines research topics from the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages National Standards as it applies across languages and skill levels.

Activity Suggestions

Have students prepare skits where they reenact scenes from various episodes. Depending on skill level, the instructor can give students the script or have students listen and write down the dialogue. For schools with the time and technical facilities, students can film these scenes for classroom screening. Examples of student reenactments can be found on YouTube

What happens next? Have students describe what happens to major and minor characters they met in Destinos.

What happened before? Have students write background biographies for characters, using information in the show, plus their imaginations.

Beginning students, who might not be comfortable writing full paragraphs, can write Facebook status updates for various characters.

More advanced students can write entries for Raquel's blog

Students can write and/or record a commentary about an episode, or a talk show where a character comes and "tells all" about an event or another character.

Have students use graphic organizers to help them gather and understand information about the episodes.

Un Paso Más

Additional activities and related links can be found in the Resources section, and at the end of each activity, where the Un paso más page suggests web links and tips related to that activity.


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