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Brick Playbook: Parent Edition

Every Brick Tells a Story

Use brick design to write the narrative of a story.

Child will be able to create an imaginary object or creature out of bricks and use it as the basis of a narrative.

Essential Question(s):
How do I use my imagination to create something new with limited supplies?
How do I tell a story that moves the reader from the beginning to the end?

Special Materials:
Paper and pencil

Bricks Required:

Any assortment

Project Structure


  1. Hand out bricks, asking the child to create something with them: “Make something! Can you make a tool? A creature? What else can you make? Is there a top of the brick? Which side is up? How can you put them together in unexpected ways?”
    1. Emphasize that there isn’t necessarily a “top” or “bottom,” and that child should think about the texture they like, etc.
  2. Allow time for child to build.


  1. When the child has finished building, ask: “What situation would this object be helpful in? Who uses it? If it’s a creature, what does it like to do?”
  2. Ask child to plan their stories: How does their story begin? What’s the situation? Who are the characters? What choice does a character need to make? How does another character respond to the choice in words and actions?
  3. Ask child to write the first draft of their stories. They may revise and publish as well as illustrate their story with a picture of their creation.

Video: Watch this Project in Action