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Brick Playbook: Parent Edition

Bricks Measure Up

Design and create rulers to develop an understanding of the basic principles of measurement.

Child will be able to create a ruler and measure everyday objects.

Essential Question(s):
How do we measure things?
What are units and why are they important?

Special Materials:
Smallish, straight-edged objects to measure (books, crayon boxes, etc.)

Bricks Required:

2×8 plates, 2×1 and 2×2 bricks

Project Structure


  1. Prepare an assortment of SOHO Bricks for child.
  2. Ask child if they know the length of an item of furniture in the room.
    1. Child may take a guess at the length and write it down.
    2. “I think it is __________ long.”
  3. Prompt child to find a way to measure the length of the item to find an answer.
    1. Use bricks as an easy and consistent measuring tool.
    2. Child may choose not to use bricks; any object will suffice as long as it is small enough to measure the item.
  4. Allow child time to experiment with ways to measure their table.
    1. Serve as a facilitator for their measurement process.


  1. Ask child to create a measurement tool (ruler) using the SOHO Bricks.
    1. Child can use 2×8 plates and different colored bricks (2×1 or 2×2) to scale their ruler to their liking.


  1. Child can now use their ruler to provide measurements for a plethora of things in the house or backyard.
  2. Child can keep track of their measurements in a data table with measurements, written descriptions, and images.
  3. Extension: Make new rulers, but with type of bricks that have not been used already, and measure again. Helpful for introducing the idea of feet and inches.
  4. Child can use conventional units to complete measurement tasks.