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Brick Playbook: Parent Edition

Create = Great

Use reasoning to defend engineering design choices.

Child will be able to create something and explain the choices they made in its design.

Essential Question(s):
What choices do we make when we’re creative?
Why is it important to explain those choices?

Special Materials:
Pencil and paper

Bricks Required:


Project Structure


  1. Begin by asking child about times they’ve been “creative.”
    1. Ask about what creativity is as well as how someone knows they’ve been “creative.” (Try to get across the idea that creativity isn’t just about making something “pretty,” but rather something that’s thoughtfully constructed, whatever its medium.)
  2. Ask child to explain some of the times they’ve been creative and the choices they’ve made to achieve their desired results.


  1. Child then builds something out of bricks. Hand out a relatively small pile of assorted bricks. This will result in child having some limits in executing their vision, which can in turn result in more creativity.
  2. Once child has created something, ask them to write a story about it.