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Web links for this program are listed below. Text-based resources are listed in the Program 25 Bibliography.

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter
A portrait and a biography of Jimmy Carter.

American History (8): Jimmy Carter
A photo of Carter and an account of his presidency.

James Earl Carter, Jr.
A biography of Jimmy Carter with links to photos; a timeline of events; and information on his impact and legacy, family life, etc.

Energy Crisis begins - 1973

The Energy Crisis Revisited
An account of the energy crisis of the 1970s.

Chapter 8: Energy Crisis and Transition
An overview of the energy crisis of the 1970s.

Bicentennial - 1976

1976: Events
A chronology of events that took place in the 1976 Bicentennial year.

Three Mile Island nuclear accident - 1979

The American Experience | Meltdown at Three Mile Island

The history of the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster.

Fact Sheet on the Accident at Three Mile Island
A summary of events, health issues, and the impact of the Three Mile Island nuclear accident with a diagram.

Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident
A narrative account of the Three Mile Island nuclear accident.

Frontline: Nuclear Reaction: Three Mile Island
The text of an excerpt from the official court summary covering Judge Rambo's decisions on the Three Mile Island melt-down ruling.

Washingtonpost.com: Three Mile Island
A Washington Post article on the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster with photos and related links.

Iranian Hostage Crisis - 1979-1981

U.S.-Iranian Relations and the Hostage Crisis
A history of the Iranian hostage crisis with related links.

In Pictures: Iran Hostage Crisis
A slideshow highlighting major events of the crisis.

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan
A portrait and a biography of Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
Provides links to galleries of photos, biographical sketches of the Reagans, etc.

The American Experience/Reagan
Section of The American Experience Presidents site. Includes information about Reagan's presidency and a tour of the presidential library.

Character Above All: Ronald Reagan Essay
An excerpt from an essay by Peggy Noonan on the character of Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan
A biography of Ronald Reagan with links to photos; a timeline of events; and information on his impact and legacy, family life, etc.

AIDS first identified in U.S. - 1981

About AIDS
Provides information about HIV and AIDS plus links to news, a timeline, statistics, and more.

FDA HIV AIDS History Milestones
A chronology of HIV/AIDS milestones from 1981-2011

The Evidence That HIV Causes AIDS, NIAID Fact Sheet
A background to the HIV epidemic with a fact sheet on the disease.

Fall of the Berlin Wall - 1989

BiW: The Berlin Wall
An outline of the history of the Berlin Wall from its construction to its fall. Includes links to related sites.

The Fall of the Berlin Wall: 1989
An account of the fall of the Berlin Wall with photos and related links.

George Bush

George Bush
A portrait and a biography of George Bush.

Bush Presidential Library and Museum
Provides links to information about the Bush Presidential Library and Museum as well as links to biographies of George and Barbara Bush illustrated with photos and with related links.

George Bush
A biography of George Bush with links to photos; a timeline of events; and information on his impact and legacy, family life, etc.

Persian Gulf War

Frontline: The Gulf War
A Web site on the Gulf War featuring a video clip, a chronology of the war, maps, an oral history, transcripts, etc.

William Jefferson Clinton

William J. Clinton
A photo and a biography of William J. Clinton.

Bill Clinton
A biography of Bill Clinton with links to photos; a timeline of events; and information on his impact and legacy, family life, etc.

L.A. Riots - 1992

Online NewsHour Forum: Authors' Corner with Lou Cannon -- April 7, 1998
An online forum in which author Lou Cannon dissects the Rodney King case and the LA riots. Provides a brief chronology of the events of March and April 1992.

Rodney King and the Los Angeles Riots
An eyewitness account of the Los Angeles riots with photos.

Clinton Impeachment

Washingtonpost.com: Clinton Accused
Washington Post stories on President Clinton's impeachment and Kenneth W. Starr's investigation of the first family and their associates. Includes a timeline of events leading to the impeachment, Senate trial texts and information, a photo gallery, etc.

News Unlimited | Special reports | Clinton's impeachment trial
The text of a report on the impeachment trial with links to many related stories.


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