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The Fifties
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Program 23: The Fifties/From War to Normalcy

Donald L. Miller with Douglas Brinkley and Virginia Scharff


Miller: The end of World War II. Peace and prosperity. Whoever lived in a simpler age? Whoever thought they were living in a simpler age?

Brinkley: People that long for like the 1950s [laughter]. I mean, you hear that all the time, the nostalgia for... That's when there was segregation in the South, Jim Crow, African Americans with no rights...

Scharff: Terrible underwear for women! [laughter]

Miller: Being cut from a junior varsity team...

Miller: Beneath the surface, the Cold War.

Brinkley: Look at the Cold War culture, when Averell Harriman used to say after World War II, "we want to come back to drink Coca-Cola and have normalcy of some sort." Did we achieve that? Well, yes and no.

Miller: Today, on A Biography of America, "The Fifties."

Page 1234


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