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FDR and the Depression
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Program 21: FDR and The Depression

Donald L. Miller and Douglas Brinkley.


Miller: The 1930s: bread lines, soup kitchens; ordinary lives become desperate lives.
Roosevelt: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Brinkley: Roosevelt's New Deal programs, the so-called "alphabet soup" of the New Deal; the CCC, TVA, WPA, were a way of bringing some bit of hope. Look at Franklin Roosevelt. He'd have people lift him up out of bed, to be put sometimes in the wheelchair.

Miller: At his side, the first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt. It was said she went where her husband couldn't, right to the heart of the people. Did FDR pull America out of the Depression? Today, on A Biography of America, "FDR and The Depression."

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