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The Twenties
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The Roaring Twenties take to the road in Henry Ford's landscape-altering invention, the Model T. The forces unleased by Ford's moving assembly line an emerging consumer culture culminate in the burgeoning of Los Angeles.
Key Events

The automobile and the 1920s.


The growth of Los Angeles, around 1925.


The full transcript and video.


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You Decide:  The Roaring Twenties?  The 'Roaring Twenties' helped set the tone for the rest of the century:  mass consumer culture and fads, Prohibition-inspired gangsters, the automobile, debates on evolution, immigration restrictions, and econimic decline in rural America.  How would you describe the 1920s? Did they 'Roar' or was it just a big 'Yawn?'  Photo: 1920s-era automobile with well-dressed passengers.


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